I have a big list of books I have read or I possess. I usually read from my own collection I have built over the years where at any given point in time the unread books are in double digits. I like going to the book stores to buy my books or pick one at the railway station, the airport. Once in a while I do visit libraries too. In fact for sometime book browsing on Church Street used to be a weekend ritual.

I used to love to go book fairs when I was in Patna. The place has a rich literary heritage, especially in Hindi literature. There's a lit fest in Bangalore but I have not attended any book fairs yet. In fact I have not attended one after college.

My three year stint as library in-charge of my school's student council were my formative years of reading. It has left a profound impression on my taste and nuances of reading I'd say. Those were best of my years. For books and everything else. The last few years of innocence. The books I read in school were mostly Hindi books. School is also where I was introduced to literature from other countries, both in Hindi and English.

I remember reading The Cossacks and then Tagore's Gora as Hindi translations. I think that is where I had read Maxim Gorky's Mother as well, but I do not remember now. Maybe I didn't.

Then I went to Patna to study engineering and the amount of reading reduced, not necessarily because I had less time. Time I had but the priorities were misplaced or had just changed.
I did try to keep up. Ashok Rajpath near dental college was a favourite locality with roadside stalls selling old (that would be a week old, or a month) magazines and books at very affordable prices. Whatever I lost in reading literary books I tried to overcompensate by buying and reading lots of magazines from those vendors. I remember one whom I used to call Raju bhaiya. Hans, Kathadesh, Reader's Digest, few old Granta issues and then there were many other magazines like Outlook et cetera. I'd buy whatever I could get my hands on; as per the remaining pocket money at that time of month.

After college I moved to Indore. I don't think I read anything there except A Jeffrey Archer on office computer. In Bangalore I have been reading again. Intermittently.

So here is a list of books I have read.
Items marks with a star * come highly recommended.




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